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Our Story

What it means to BE PART OF IT!

Long enough we’ve sat back as car enthusiasts and we’ve seen these rallies start to pick up steam and take place. It’s human nature to always want whats off the table... to Be Part Of It. Hand picked roads | Scenic routes | Iconic race tracks | Casinos | America’s most notorious drives. Genesis Rally brings you everything that you could want and expect out of a driving experience!

Car enthusiasts come together to check out and experience some of the most desired destinations in the country! Car-fans will meet up and “Rally” together from one destination to the next following predetermined routes. We have private walkie-talkie channels so everyone remains connected at all times! We will make stops along the way to experience things that remind us exactly why we are all so passionate about our cars! Sign up for our next rally and see what all the talk is about! 

The Rally team

John - Owner & Founder

I started Genesis Rally because I think the rally lifestyle and experience should be for EVERYONE. So I'm leveling the playing field! Im a car enthusiast and a daddy! Be Part Of It with me!


Roxanne - Owner

Roxanne is a mother, loves cars, and is the glue to these rallies! She loves structuring these itineraries with the car enthusiasts in mind!


Jess - Owner

Jess and her husband John were rally participants and were always about the lifestyle that goes along with Being Part Of it! She's focused on making the Genesis Rally experience larger than life, and she will drop what she is doing to kick your ass up and down the strip if needed!


John - Owner

Three words -  "Mo' Power Baby!" Helping exceed the expectations of everyone who is Part Of It, John has ideas that take things to a whole new level! Warning: He is prepared to point with a cigar if it helps hammer the point home...