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Rules / Conduct / Terms & Conditions

Rally Rules and Conduct *

Please click accept to agree to Rally Rules and Conduct and the Terms and Conditions. Any person traveling in a Genesis Rally vehicle will be asked to sign
this agreement upon registration. 


By Completing this application you accept All entry fees are final and non-refundable. All Genesis Rally events are NOT races. You must follow all posted traffic signs and laws at all times. Should you, or your passenger, act in a manner that is against the law, dangerous or against any of our policies, Genesis Rally staff reserves the right to remove you from the rally and prohibit any further involvement. No refund will be given if you are removed from a rally. If you damage any property, your information will be handed over to the proper authorities. You must NOT place any bets of any kind in relation to the Rally.

Each participant must wear, at all times, Genesis Rally distributed badge/wrist band. If you remove it for any reason, you will not be allowed to continue with the rally. All drivers must have a valid Driver’s License. All vehicles must be registered and insured. NO EXCEPTIONS. The use of drugs and alcohol are prohibited during a rally. If you are impaired in any way, are compromised by illness, lack

of adequate rest, you will be removed from the rally immediately.

Should Genesis Rally, LLC. provide Genesis Rally decals or sponsor decals, you are REQUIRED to put them on your car with an unobstructed view. All decals are vehicle paint safe, therefore Genesis Rally, LLC. and its sponsors are not liable for any damage from application or removal of said decals. Once payment is tendered, 50% is non-refundable. There will be NO REFUNDS should you cancel your participation in a rally within fourteen (14) days of the start of the rally. After the rally begins, there are no refunds for any reason. By participating in a Genesis Rally, LLC. rally, you are giving consent to be photographed, filmed or otherwise documented. Participants waive all rights of publicity or privacy and grant Genesis Rally, LLC. Full and complete permission to use images/video for any reason. Any participant taken photos may be used for any purpose, commercial or personal, with Genesis Rally name credit. All participants must be 21 years old or older. Genesis Rally, LLC. takes security seriously and is making all efforts to keep your personal information secure. Genesis Rally, LLC. Does not accept any responsibility should your information be lost or stolen. *ALL DRIVERS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A STREET LEGAL VEHICLE THAT IS IN GOOD STANDING WITH THE STATE, VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE, CURRENT VEHICLE REGISTRATION, AND PROOF OF ACTIVE INSURANCE. PARTICIPANTS MUST FOLLOW ALL LAWS AND POSTED SPEED LIMITS AT ALL TIMES. REVVING ENGINES, BURN-OUTS, AND LAYING DRAG IS NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME AND SUCH DRIVERS WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT REFUND. DRIVERS AND PASSENGERS MUST SIGN THE WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND ARE TO FOLLOW GENESIS RALLY’S RULES OF CONDUCT By clicking “Accept”, you agree to all terms and conditions.
Last Updated May 19th, 2020